Superman Letter R...Instant Download...Pattern Fill Machine Embroidery DESIGN NO . 818

Superman Letter Pattern Fill Machine Embroidery DESIGN NO . 818

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SUPERMAN LETTER R Design No. 818 Pattern Fill Machine Embroidery Design.

4x4 Hoop…..W 3.93" x H 3.03" (99.9 x 77.0 mm)… Stitch :17784

5x7 Hoop…..W 5.01" x H 3.85" (127.2 x 97.7 mm)…Stitch : 25979   

6x10 Hoop…W 6.00" x H 4.61" (152.5 x 117.1 mm)… Stitch : 34930  

Colour Chart and and Sew Out Sequence are included in the download.

The designs are sent in an attachment as a reply to the mail within 24 hrs after payment is received, please check your spam files or Junk files on your email system. If you desire design in a specific size, please let me know and I will sort this out for you.